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Some secrets are well-kept intentionally. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, some well-kept secrets should be shared. While secrets may stay secret for a variety of reasons, sharing them means more people can benefit from the information they contain. Among these types of secrets is ProHome. We provide a service that every builder could use.  

The Founding of ProHome 

ProHome was founded in 1983 by entrepreneurs Jack and Sue Salmans, who have a background in new construction. Jack is a licensed residential and commercial builder in Wichita, Kansas. Their vision was to solve the problem of warranties for new construction. They recognized that builders should focus on what they do best – build homes – and turned it into the company slogan: “We allow builders to do what they do best … build homes.” 

Although the Salmans no longer own ProHome, new owners Greybull Stewardship and CEO Paul McMahon continue to focus on the mission the company was founded on 40 years ago. Today ProHome is the leader in full-service third-party builder warranty management. 

At our inception, we worked with builders in Wichita, Kansas. Over the years, we’ve expanded. Today, we work with builders and developers in a wide range of markets and states supported by our team of more than 55 corporate office and field agents, along with a network of eight highly experienced franchise owners. This allows us to work with the top builders and developers just about anywhere in the United States. 

Three walks 

Consider this scenario. A builder has completed building a single-family home or multi-family property and moved on to the next job. After all, builders specialize in building – it’s their bread and butter.   

Meanwhile, the new homeowner is ready to move into their home. The last project is the farthest thing from the builder’s mind.They’re focused on a million and one other things impacting their current project. That’s where ProHome comes in. It starts with walk number one. 

Walk one: New home orientation 

A ProHome employee walks the property before the close – both inside and outside – with the new homeowner. Homeowners are informed of where various systems are, such as HVAC, circuit breaker board, etc. During the walk, various features are pointed out, smart maintenance tips are offered, reminders about paint and tile are reviewed, manuals are shared, and questions are answered. 

The walk is educational. By the time the walk is completed, the new homeowner has a deep understanding of how their home works and what is and what is not a warrantable issue. They learn about the six feet rule i.e. imperfections to surfaces that are visible from a distance of six feet or more in normal light qualify as issues that need to be addressed. 

The walk also serves as sales reinforcement as the homeowner is made aware of what to expect. Yes, houses settle. 

An educated customer whose expectations are aligned will ultimately be satisfied. They are reasonable, know what to expect, and can handle their new purchase. 

Ultimately, the walk also serves as rah-rah and helps keep homeowners excited about their purchase, rather than intimidated and uncertain. 

The ProHome agent tracks everything on an iPad and shares the report/punch list, which the homeowner signs off on, with the builder. It serves as an electronic record and can be used should disputes arise. 

Note, we maintain this record, as well as, records of homeowner calls, subcontractor visits, and details about repairs for 11 years. We also use a web-based system so builders and homeowners can log in whenever and wherever they are to view the status of a warranty, claim, or repair. 

The deal is ready to be closed! 

Walk two: 30-day term 

The homeowner is in the adjustment phase. Perhaps, issues arose that they did not think of or notice during the orientation walk. ProHome is there to walk the property again. Once again, issues are documented and shared with the builder. 

If there are problems with the home that are covered by the warranty, Prohome serves as the middleman between the builder’s subcontractors and the homeowner. 

Walk three: 11 months post-close 

As the end of the first year nears, many warranties expire. So, ProHome does another walk with the homeowner. Like the walk above, ProHome is reviews any warrantable issues with the homeowner. Issues are noted, saved, and shared with the builder. 

For those maintenance issues that are covered by the warranty, Prohome again will liaison between the builder’s subcontractors and the homeowner. 

Our service to your customers does not end with the three walks. ProHome serves as the main point of contact for warranty issues throughout the year. We do this via our proprietary client support and operating platform called ProHomeLive. This unique full-service model offers 24/7/365 support for homeowners and builders with a two-tier after-hours emergency support program.  

By rapidly triaging a situation, we help ensure issues don’t spiral into something more significant. Most importantly, we work with the builder’s subcontractors to handle repair issues rapidly and professionally. Homeowners know someone has their back, which allows them to feel peace of mind. 

The value of ProHome 

Besides removing the burden of warranty management, ProHome offers builders value. 

By handling warranty walkthroughs, contracts, item tracking, service calls, and all related scheduling, ProHome saves builders time. They can keep their focus on what they do best. Staff does not need to be taken off jobs to triage warranty items. There’s no need to hire customer support staff who may not be consistently busy during the day. Finally, the whole headache of managing the warranty and punch list items does not need to be attended to. That’s one less system to maintain and track. 

Best of all, ProHome provides top-notch customer service. Homeowners have dedicated account managers they can speak to when concerns arise. Account managers know the builder’s homes, subcontractors, and homeowners, which empowers us to service the customer – no matter the issue. With this level of customer service, homeowners are bound to be happy and raise survey scores. We hear this from clients regularly. 

Think of Prohome’s turnkey solution as a triple threat. We offer value via field support, ongoing remote support, and client/customer service. 

Get the word out! 

We’re confident that we are the only company that provides the services we do. “ProHome has a unique position within the new home and multi-family construction sectors, and we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing partner clients,” says McMahon. “This is thanks to a talented and diverse group of ProHome team members both in the field and at the Wichita corporate office who work every day to deliver best in class service to support our clients’ buyers as they navigate the early stages of ownership.” 

That’s something everyone should know. Save your best-kept secrets for Vegas. 

Learn more about how ProHome helps builders and developers with warranty management here. 

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