ProHome Resource CenterIntroducing ProHome’s Condominium Services for Developers

Introducing ProHome’s Condominium Services for Developers

If you are a developer who builds condominiums, this post is for you. It gives an overview of the warranty management services ProHome provides.

1. Calibration

To establish each project’s baseline standards, ProHome and the developer will schedule a ‘calibration walkthrough’ of the unit that’s closest to completion. These standards are documented by ProHome and they serve as formal guidelines for ProHome new home agents assigned to that project.
ProHome will also meet with the project’s marketing team to ensure ProHome understands the developer’s brand positioning and the marketing team understands ProHome’s role.
The developer’s sales and marketing team will also participate in a mock walk, so they’ll fully appreciate how buyers will interact with ProHome on walkthroughs and during warranty administration.

2. Punch list

In advance of closing, ProHome will arrange with each unit’s buyer a day/time to perform a walkthrough with them. At this walkthrough, we create the punch list, and take photos that are numbered to correspond to the punch list items. The buyer signs the punch list, indicating that they agree with all its details.
“Instead of a member of the developer’s team conducting the punch list walkthrough with the buyer, having ProHome do it eliminates the potential for any acrimonious interaction between the buyer and developer.” Donald Landau, Senior Vice President at Westbrook Properties
Once the punch list is prepared and signed by the buyer, it’s provided to the developer for review and sign-off before it is finalized and returned to the unit owner. ProHome then arranges with the unit owner for permission to access the unit so the developer’s construction team can perform any remedial work from the punch list.
“Having a neutral third party create the punch list gives buyers peace of mind.” Dawn David, Vice President at Adellco
ProHome tracks and records the status of punch list items until they’re completed. We have weekly meetings with the developer to review open punch list items. When the developer confirms that all the punch list work is completed, ProHome sends the unit owner a ‘letter of completion’ (LOC).
“Having ProHome perform the punch list walkthrough saves the developer time. The documentation and follow-up ProHome performs is superior to the developer attempting to keep track themselves. Using ProHome has enabled us to save time and address punch list items far more efficiently.” Donald Landau, Senior Vice President at Westbrook Properties

3. One year warranty management service

Each condominium development project has a dedicated account manager at ProHome — someone who is familiar with the development and who is the developer’s main contact at ProHome.
During the first year of service, we answer all the homeowners’ non-emergency calls. ProHome gathers all the relevant information from the homeowner, including photos if necessary. At the weekly meeting between ProHome and the developer, ProHome presents the information provided by the homeowner to the developer. The developer decides which steps to take to address each issue.
ProHome then arranges permission to enter with the unit owner, and remedial work in the units is typically coordinated by the developer with the project’s GC. We keep track of the status of any repairs in our proprietary ProHomeLive software.
ProHome also provides a project-level summary report on a weekly basis. Developers can use this data to evaluate whether there are repeated quality issues that should be addressed in the future.
During this first year, the property management company takes care of unit emergencies only (plus any other items the developer chooses to delegate to them).
“It’s reassuring to buyers to have ProHome manage the one-year warranty period and to be available to rectify any concerns buyers may have.”Dawn David, Vice President at Adellco

4. After one year

After the first year, the property management company typically manages all homeowner calls. At this point, ProHome sends homeowners an ‘end-of-service’ letter explaining that, from now on, they should contact the property management company and/or the developer’s designated representative for all issues.
“ProHome brings their professionalism and expertise to each project, enabling the developer to more efficiently deliver residences to buyers.” Dawn David, Vice President at Adellco*If you’d like to learn more about our condominium services, please contact Matt at (316) 706-0368 or today.
If you know a developer who might find this information helpful, please share it with them.

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