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The latest news & expert opinion: On the build-to-rent trend

Interested in learning more about the growing build-to-rent trend? Here are some news and opinion articles from across the web all in one spot.

Build-To-Rent Primed For Explosive Growth In 2022 by Bruce W. McNeilage


  • Investments in build-to-rent are fueled by large institutional investors and publicly traded REITs
  • Millennials are the largest age group in the country and they want single-family homes in nice communities — but many can’t afford to buy
  • Demand for rentals is high, and rentals are profitable for investors

The Build-for-Rent Surge: A Q+A with Pretium Partners by Aly J. Yale


  • 6,700+ build-for-rent homes were completed in 2021 — a record-breaking year for the sector
  • Early in 2022, Pretium embarked on a $600 million joint venture to build 2,000-plus rental homes in three states
  • Home moving between states has increased by over a third as a result of the pandemic
  • Various demographics see single-family rentals as viable choice

IBS 2022: Rethinking How Cities Will Function After the Pandemic by Vincent Salandro


  • During the pandemic, there’s been an increase in single-family rental homes and build-to-rent as a business model
  • Build-to-rent space will continue to grow, possibly replacing the starter home for some people
  • Large companies are now creating entire build-to-rent neighborhoods in places that have seen a huge increase in population and a shortage of housing

Built-to-Rent Homes Expected to Hit All-Time High in 2022, Fueled by Need for Space and Privacy by Alexandra Ciuntu


  • About 78% of renters expressed interest in living in a community of single-family homes
  • An estimated 14,000 build-to-rent homes are currently under construction in the US
  • Renters’ main reasons for choosing a single-family home over an apartment are more space (29%) and more privacy (25%)
  • In 2021, the occupancy rate for single-family rentals was 97% (and 95% for apartments)

Developers Of Build-To-Rent Single-Family Pushing Back On Opposition by Jarred Schenke


  • NIMBYism is a major threat to build-to-rent developments
  • In Metro Atlanta, single-family renters are paying $2,100 to $2,300 a month in rent, which is more than the mortgage payment on that home
  • Demand for single-family rental homes is driven by people with little interest in owning a home
  • Build-to-rent neighborhoods have better upkeep than owner-occupied homes

Single-Family/Build-to-Rent: Changing Renter Demographics Fuel Growth by Sarah Daniels


  • In 2021, dozens of build-to-rent single-family home projects sold, totaling more than $1.5 billion
  • Renters are generally older and better off than in the past
  • The southern US is where new build-to-rent units are concentrated
  • Investment in single-family build-to-rent communities more than doubled in dollar value from 2019 to 2020, and nearly doubled again in 2021

House-Flipping Tech Powers a Boom in Single-Family Rentals by Patrick Sisson


  • More than a third of US rentals are single-family homes
  • It can be difficult and time-consuming for owners to buy and operate a large number of homes
  • New tech is helping to streamline the process of acquiring, upgrading, renting out a collection of single-family rentals
  • In February, single-family rents hit a median of $2,160 across the US

Wall Street’s $85 Billion Housing Bet Intensifies U.S. Land Boom by Prashant Gopal and Patrick Clark


  • Build-to-rent landlords compete with builders who sell homes for labor, materials, and land
  • A possible result is that new home prices become more out of reach for would-be buyers
  • $85 billion has been committed for build-for-rent projects, enough to develop 315,000 houses
  • About 6% of finished lots purchased in the fourth quarter were for build-to-rent projects

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