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Introducing ProHome’s New Partnership with Centricity

As a builder, are you looking for the best of both worlds? A one-stop shop for both your 10-year structural warranty and a boots-on-the-ground, ear-to-the-phone warranty management partner for years 1 and 2? We’ve got you covered.
Here’s what you get with our new Builder Warranty Elite program.

Dedicated Account Manager

During the first two years of your warranty program, you’ll have a dedicated account manager at ProHome — someone who is familiar with your builds. You get to speak with the same person every time you call. Every week, you’ll meet with your ProHome account manager. They’ll update you on the status of any warranty work, and you’ll let them know which tradespeople you’d like assigned to new work, and so on.

Written Warranty

ProHome and Centricity have created warranty books that align with NAHB and RCPG standards, but they’re customizable to your builds. An explicit written warranty document meets the standards required in your state and it also explicitly states what’s not covered — such as hairline cracks in drywall that waste your time and money. Homeowners sign this, so they have everything in black and white.

New Home Orientation

Prior to closing, one of our New Home Agents will conduct a New Home Orientation with your homeowners, educating them on the operation of their new home and providing home maintenance advice. At this time, they’ll also create the punch list and give it to you, the builder to complete.

24-hour Emergency Phone Service

ProHome is on-call for your homeowners 24/7/365. We answer the phone in the middle of the night, on the weekends, and on Christmas Day. We triage the call and if it’s an emergency, we dispatch one of your subs right away. If it’s a home maintenance issue, we advise the homeowner on how to address the problem. If it’s a potential warranty issue, we’ll make a determination either way, letting you and the homeowner know.

First Term Walkthrough

At 30 days after closing, one of our New Home Agents will do the first term walkthrough with your homeowners. At this point, we’ll document and photograph any warrantable claims summited by the homeowner — and keep you informed.

Final Term Walkthrough

Before the first year warranty period expires, homeowners can call ProHome to schedule a walkthrough to explain any issues they may have. Again, if there are any warrantable items, we document them, arrange the repairs, and track them through to completion — and keep you informed about what’s happening.

Years 1 and 2 Warranty Management

When homeowners run into a problem that they think may be covered by warranty, they call ProHome, not you. We triage the issue and make the determination, so you don’t have the pressure to ‘be nice’ and fix everything, or to risk being seen as ‘mean’ and saying no. We take on that task, which also gives homeowners reassurance of a neutral third-party opinion.
If we can’t make the determination from the homeowner’s photos, our New Home Agent will go out to inspect the issue and make a determination. (You or your superintendent don’t have to take the time to do it.)
To address repairs, instead of handing over to you the job of scheduling subs, we do that for you too.
We track repairs to completion and keep records for 11 years, protecting you in case a homeowner claims an issue wasn’t taken care of.

Web-based Software

At any time, you or your homeowners can log into our custom software to see the status of any warranty repair work.

10 year structural warranty

ProHome’s and Centricity’s warranty books are aligned with NAHB and RCPG standards. And with our Builder Warranty Elite program, you have the peace of mind of an insurance-backed 10 year structural warranty through Centricity — plus all the benefits of ProHome’s experience managing new home warranties through years 1 and 2.*If you’d like to learn more about our Builder Warranty Elite program, please contact Matt at (316) 706-0368 or today.

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