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Builders’ Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Shows

Whether you’re looking for information or entertainment, whether you prefer text, audio, or video, there’s something in this post for every builder. The content listed below was recommended by either someone on our team (plus our freelance writer), or a builder connection. Read the descriptions below, check out the ones that interest you, and let us know what you think.
(By the way, although we recommend the content listed here, this isn’t an endorsement of any of the businesses that create the content.)

Construction Podcasts

NAHB (the National Association of Home Builders) is a trade organization you’re no doubt familiar with. Housing Developments is one of their podcasts. Recent episodes have included discussions about the lumber crisis, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit bill, and President Biden’s infrastructure plan.
Home Builder Digital Marketing is, unsurprisingly, about marketing your construction business online. Topics covered in recent episodes include the disconnect between sales and marketing, enhancing customer service, and tips on how to use Pinterest to market your business.
Recent episodes on The Construction Leading Edge have discussed leadership transitions, supply chain disruptions, and marketing to architects.
The ConTechCrew podcast typically features an interview with someone from a construction technology firm, or other construction-related business, in each episode.
Topics covered recently on Sticks and Bricks include warranty management, lessons learned from economic downturns, and content marketing.
The Art of Construction is an interview-based podcast. Episodes have recently covered modular construction, jobsite tech tools for small custom homebuilders, and using artificial intelligence to increase jobsite productivity.

Builders’ Blogs

Redshift blog posts have recently covered global policies for BIM (building information modeling), President Biden’s infrastructure development plan, and digital twins.
Eye on Housing is NAHB’s blog that focuses on ecomomics and housing policy, with an emphasis on data. Recent topics include hiring and job openings in the construction sector, residential construction lending, and the aging housing stock.
The ConstructConnect Blog focuses on technology and economics, but covers other topics too. Recent posts have covered mistakes made during the bidding process, stock market analysis, and facts about concrete.
Recent posts on the Digital Builder blog have been on statistics about green construction, an interview with a safety expert, and data standardization and analysis.
The Viewpoint Blog has recently covered the infrastructure development plan, diversity and inclusion in the construction industry, and cybersecurity.
Topics recently covered on the Built blog include an interview with a non-binary architect who’s advocating for more accessibility in the industry, regulations applying to construction drones, and green building codes.

Construction Video Shows

The intended audience for This Old House is home owners rather than builders — but it’s entertaining for anyone who enjoys the transformation builders and trades can achieve through restoration and renovation.
RR Buildings videos show the process of building or remodeling structures like garages, cabins, barns, and workshops — including some time lapse videos. There are also ‘tips and tricks’ videos and tests and reviews of tools.
On his YouTube channel, Matt Risinger talks about building science and craftsmanship, and gives building product reviews. If you might enjoy a good rant, check out this video: Top 5 Dumbest Building Products. Do you agree with his take? Judging from the comments on the video, some of his views are controversial.
Perkins Builder Brothers is a show by two contractor brothers in western North Carolina. They have videos showing the step-by-step process of things like prepping and pouring a concrete slab, how to lay blocks tall enough to build a basement without going out of plumb, and how to measure and cut rafters.
As you might expect, Finish Carpentry TV focuses on carpentry skills, like how to cut extreme angles with a miter saw, how to install wainscoting, and how to handle various transitions in wood trim.
Lastly, if you want to watch a guy frame a 2300 square foot house by himself, check out The Crazy Framer.
*Check out a couple of ProHome’s team members on these podcast episodes: The Warranty and Brand Connection and Trusting Your Processes and Preventing Warranty Claims.
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